What is SSL?
Why do I need SSL on my website?
Why do I need a Mobile Friendly website?

What is SSL?

SSL standards for Secure Socket Layer. SSL is the industry standard way of creating an encrypted secure link between a computer and a web server. If data travelling between a computer and a web server is intercepted, the private information remains protected, as it is has been encrypted. Of course, having an encrypted connection is of no use if you do not trust the website or the web server you are connected to. Therefore a certificate of authenticity is required for an SSL link to be created. Connections using SSL will have their web address prefaced with https://. If you are visiting a website prefaced with http://, then you are not using SSL encryption.


Why do I need SSL on my website?

Unless you have user logins or take payments on your website, then technically you do not need SSL. However it is desirable. SSL will give visitors to your website increased confidence in your website and your company. SSL is also favoured by many search engines. Google will give preference to websites that have a valid SSL certificate. CLUB-Graphics web hosting is SSL compatible and we are including SSL Certificates with all new website builds.


Why do I need a Mobile Friendly website?

A Mobile Friendly website automatically optimises its layout to best suit the device that is viewing it. This gives mobile users a much better viewing experience. It can also improve the search engine ranking of your website. For instance, if you do a Google search from a mobile device, then websites that are Mobile Friendly will appear first.